Additional Qualifications Program

Niagara University has been, and continues to be, committed to ongoing professional development for educators. We offer Additional Qualifications, Additional Basic Qualifications, Principals Qualifications, and Supervisory Officer Qualifications Program courses online from our Ontario-based faculty and campus.   

Additional Qualifications Courses (AQ) and Additional Basic Qualifications Courses (ABQ)

Niagara's AQs and ABQs are accredited through the Ontario College of Teachers. The intended audience for these courses are Ontario certified teachers. The courses focus on the Ontario curriculum and the Ontario experience in education.

Niagara's AQ program includes ABQ courses in the primary, junior and intermediate divisions for teachers seeking to add a teaching qualification to their existing qualifications. These are Schedule A courses.

Niagara offers Schedule C courses for teachers who may need bridge courses to fulfill conditions of their OCT certification, which are often geared toward teachers that were trained in a jurisdiction outside Ontario.

We also offer Schedule D courses for teachers who aspire to be curriculum leaders in their schools, or who want to expand their knowledge of curriculum design and implementation.

Principal Qualifications Courses

Niagara University offers both parts of the PQP courses that are designed for teachers who wish to become school leaders and principals. Students that take both PQP courses are eligible to transfer these credits into Niagara University’s MS in Education Leadership.