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AQ & ABQ Courses

Learn why AQ and ABQ courses offered at NU in Ontario is the right choice for you.

Why an AQ?

Additional Qualifications are an integral part of teachers’ ongoing learning. They help members to expand their knowledge, increase their skills and prepare for career changes.

Teachers can enrol in Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQ) courses to add another division or subject to their qualifications. ABQ courses prepare teachers to teach students at the Primary, Junior, Intermediate or Senior level or in Technological Education. They can also provide English or French-speaking teachers with the skills to work in the other language.

Principal’s Qualifications, Parts 1 and 2, are specifically designed for OCT teachers, teaching in district school boards in Ontario, who may be interested in becoming principals in the province of Ontario. The courses are designed for experienced teachers to develop the necessary knowledge and leadership skills to lead a school’s professional learning community, manage a school facility and work cooperatively with the school community’s stakeholders to build public confidence in Ontario’s education system, support and promote student success, and ensure that equity is implemented throughout the programs and practices in the school.

The Supervisory Officer’s Qualification Program (SOQP) qualifies members to serve as supervisory officers. The SOQP is designed to provide opportunities to enhance candidates’ professional knowledge, efficacy, capacities, and leadership resources to work with a wide range of educators, families, caregivers, trustees, the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and its affiliates, principal organizations, representatives from Ministries and stakeholders.

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