Commencement 2022

Dear Graduates,

On behalf of Niagara University, we would like to congratulate you on your accomplishments and hard work in a year filled with challenges.

We were very excited to once again be able to host our convocation in person at the Meridian Centre. 

The Ontario Commencement Ceremony 2022 was held on Thursday May 19, 2022 @ 7:30 pm at the Meridian Centre in Toronto.  A recording of the event is found below.

Kind regards,

Vince Rinaldo, PhD
Vice President Ontario Administration

Graduate Commencement Letter

Dear Niagara University Graduate Student, 

According to our records, you are currently on track to graduate in May. All of us in the Office of the Vice President for Ontario Administration are working diligently to ensure that the upcoming ceremony will be special and memorable. 

The Graduate Commencement Exercises for the master of business administration, master of science in information security and digital forensics, master of science in educational leadership, and bachelor of professional studies in education will take place on Thursday, May 19, 2022, at 7:30 PM, at the Meridian Centre for the Arts. Attendance at the graduation will follow Niagara University’s policy for all public events, in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Tickets for the commencement ceremonies are free of charge, and information concerning where, and how to obtain tickets will be made available through your respective Deans' Offices. 

A sign language interpreter and wheelchair accessible seating will be provided in the Meridian Centre for the Arts. For assistance, please see one of the ushers at the entrance on the evening of the ceremony. Wheelchairs will not be available on site.

If you have any questions about the graduate commencement ceremony, please feel free to call the Office of Academic Affairs at (716) 286-8342; or email your inquiry to the Executive Assistant of Academic Affairs, Ms. Linda Coram.

I look forward to seeing you in May.

Vince Rinaldo, MBA, PhD                                                                                                                                                    Vice President Ontario Administration                                                                                                                  Niagara University

Commencement Information

Date: Thursday May 19, 2022

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: Meridian Arts Centre, 5040 Yonge St, Toronto · 416-733-9388


Tickets: Tickets will be available through your respective Dean's Office. We will notify you of the number of tickets available and the requirements to attend the event.

Distribution Dates for cap and Gown: To be determined

  • Double check with student accounts 716.286.8300 to make sure that there is no hold on your diploma.

Graduation and Commencement Eligibility

GRADUATION occurs in January, May and August for students who complete all of their degree requirements. COMMENCEMENT refers to the ceremony that accompanies graduation. Commencement ceremonies for Niagara University are held annually in May.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of all degree requirements as determined by the Dean's Office for your particular degree. (MBA, MS Finance - Faculty of Business Administration; MS ISDF - Faculty of Arts and Sciences; BPS and MSEd - Faculty of Education)
  • Achieve a 3.0 overall GPA.

Commencement Eligibility 

  • To participate in Ontario Commencement, students must be deemed eligible by the Dean's Office. 
  • Decisions about participation are made by the Dean's Office, according to university policies.

Check Your NU Email for Important Updates Regarding Your Status

Important emails about issues that affect your ability to graduate or participate in commencement are sent to your NU email. While we cannot identify all issues that could keep you from graduation (GPA cannot be determined until the end of the semester for some students, and we may not be aware of recent drops, etc.), we try to stay in touch regarding any known issues that need to be resolved.

If you are concerned about your ability to graduate or commencement eligibility, contact the Dean's Office for your discipline:

  • Faculty of Education:(716) 286-8560
  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences:(716) 286-8060.
  • Faculty of Business Administration:(716) 286-8050.
  • Poor attendance, Low overall GPA, low major GPA, F grades, incomplete grades, late registration and missing transcripts or required documentation, can affect your ability to graduate or participate in commencement.

Day of Graduation

  • Don't lose or forget the tickets as your family won't be able to get into the event without them.
    Bring your NU ID or driver's license to speed up entry to the assembly area.
  • Leave extra time for parking.
  • Leave your valuables (purses, etc.) with your families if you don't want to carry them across the stage.

After Graduation

  • Degrees will be verified early in the week following graduation, at which time the transcripts will reflect the degrees.
  • Diplomas are ordered after graduation (by mid-June).
    • Jostens mails the diplomas (in about 4-8 weeks) directly to the address from your diploma survey. Please notify us if the address changes for any reason. 
    • Diplomas on hold (student accounts) will be mailed to the Dean's Office until the hold is resolved.
    • Diplomas reflect the degree and information required by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. 
  • Sometimes errors occur at the printer, so please contact the appropriate Dean's Office if you notice any errors on the diploma, so that we may reorder it.

COVID Policy for Commencement

Niagara University COVID-19 protocols for graduation events.

Attendance at all commencement ceremonies will require proof of complete vaccination or a negative COVID test within 48 hours. Following the directions and guidelines provided by the Office of Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health and the Niagara University policy for campus events, masks covering the nose and mouth will be mandatory for all attendees indoors.

Acceptable proofs of vaccination include:

  • proof of identification
  • proof of being fully vaccinated or
  • proof of a valid exemption (i.e., medical, or clinical trial exemption
  • In accordance with subsection 2.1(5), Schedule 1 of O. Reg. 364/20, an individual is considered fully vaccinated if they have received:
    • The full series of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by Health Canada, or any
      combination of such vaccines, or
    • One or two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not authorized by Health Canada,
      followed by one dose of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine authorized by Health Canada,
    • Three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not authorized by Health Canada; and
    • They received their final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before
      providing the proof of being fully vaccinated

Niagara University is committed to the health and safety of the campus community during the pandemic and Niagara continues to follow all local and provincial guidelines. Be advised that these safety protocols may be adjusted in response to changes in the status of the pandemic, so please check this website regularly for updates.