Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS)

Niagara University in Ontario’s Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) Program is Accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers.

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About Niagara University in Ontario’s BPS Program

Become an Ontario Certified Teacher at NUO

The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) is a 2-year, full-time, in-person program that qualifies you to become an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT). The BPS is accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers and offered under the Consent of the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. The faculty at Niagara University in Ontario are dedicated to preparing the highest quality teachers and educational leaders. 

  • We do this with a commitment to serve those most in need.
  •  We do this by engaging learners in meaningful ways, using the knowledge and experience they bring as the core of instructional practice.
  • We do this by continuously examining and implementing a wide-range of research-based practices to support learners.
  • We do this by reflecting on our practice so as to assess progress and continuously improve.

Our dedicated and highly experienced faculty lead the way in their teaching, research and service to their respective professions. Our strong partnerships with the K-12 schools and community organizations transcend our work, providing many clinically-rich experiences for our candidates.

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