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Housing options for students while attending Niagara University in Ontario.

Housing Options

While some students may choose to live in an apartment, condo, or house in the Vaughan area others may choose to live independently, or with roommates. Finding housing that is both suitable and affordable can be quite challenging for all students; however, for international students, this can be even more difficult.

One recommendation would be to look for neighbourhoods that are in close proximity to the University line that runs from Union station in Toronto, to the Vaughan subway stop located just a 12 minute walk from Niagara University. This interactive map of Toronto’s neighbourhoods provides some guidance that could be helpful as you identify an area.

For students looking for longer term rentals or purchases in the Vaughan area or within York Region there are a number of opportunities including emergency and cooperative housing. For students in search of a more urban or downtown Toronto experience, two other options include: Campus Co-op.

Understanding Your Obligations and Rights

Before you commit to signing a rental lease, it is important to know that a 12-month lease commitment is considered to be common practice in Ontario. Important information about this process can be found in Landlord and Tenant Board’s< made available by the government of Ontario. Avoiding dishonest landlords and scams.

Niagara University cannot make any guarantees with respect to the suitability of housing. As such we strongly advise students to take precautions such as visiting the neighbourhoods during weekdays, in the evenings, and on weekends. Meeting with the landlord and inspecting the property prior to entering into any agreement is also very important. Some key considerations in making an informed decision include safety of the location, lighting, accessibility to public transportation, and what, if any, additional costs may be associated with the rental such as maintenance or taxes.

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