Study and Work Visa Information

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada facilitates the arrival of immigrants, provides protection to refugees, and offers programming to help newcomers settle in Canada. It also grants citizenship and issues travel documents (such as passports) to Canadians.

Niagara University DLI Number

Niagara University (DLI# O268049601572) is on IRCC’s approved DLI list (including an approved Covid-19 readiness plan).  For more information, please visit:


Study Visa Information

For information about how you can apply to study in Canada as an international student, extend your study permit and to find out about working while you study or after you graduate please visit:

  Work Visa Information

IRCC Information

As of January 1, 2022, the IRCC requires international students to be in Canada to take courses and at least 50% of the courses must be taken in person for those courses to be eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) program.  

Any international student considering applying for the PGWP program upon graduation should regularly check the IRCC’s website for the latest information on the PGWP program and eligibility criteria:

In addition, you should consult with a licensed immigration consultant, paralegal or lawyer registered to ensure that you understand the eligibility requirements of the PGWP program and get answers to any questions you may have.


IRCC has revised the December 31, 2021 deadline for online courses to be eligible under the PGWPP until August 31, 2022 for international students in Canada or outside of Canada and updated its website as follows:


Distance learning

Distance learning from outside of Canada

You can complete up to 100% of your studies online from outside Canada between spring 2020 and August 31, 2022, because of a temporary COVID-19 policy. This policy is in place until August 31, 2022.

You’re eligible for this temporary policy if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You’re enrolled in a PGWP-eligible program.
  • You were outside Canada and unable to travel to Canada because of the COVID-19 pandemic but were still able to take online courses.
  • You began a program in any semester from spring 2020 to summer 2022, or your program was already in progress in March 2020.
  • You have a study permit or approval for a study permit, or you have applied for a study permit for which you are eventually approved prior to starting your program.
  • You meet all other PGWP eligibility criteria.
If you are completing 2 study programs

You’re still eligible for this temporary policy if you’re completing 2 study programs that were ongoing or started between March 2020 and summer 2022. All other program stacking policies also apply.

What does not count toward the length of your PGWP

You can’t count the following time toward the length of a PGWP:

  • Time spent studying outside Canada after August 31, 2022.
  • Time spent studying before you applied for a study permit.

Distance learning from inside of Canada

If your courses were moved online due to the pandemic, the time you spend studying online from within Canada still counts toward the length of your PGWP. However, it’s highly recommended that you attend in-class options when offered.

There is no specific end date to the temporary policy changes for in-Canada students.