International Student Health Insurance Plan

The healthcare system in Canada may be very different from that which is utilized in your country. In Ontario, persons who are not covered under OHIP are responsible to pay for the costs of healthcare themselves. Payment may be made in cash by credit card, by using a health insurance policy that the individual pays for, or a combination of both. Medical services such as emergency visits at a hospital, ambulatory care, testing requirements, and physician fees can be  expensive.

All International students are automatically enrolled in al health insurance plan. Students who are able to provide evidence of comparable coverage that is deemed to be acceptable to the university, may be permitted to opt out of this plan. The rates are as follows:

International students who fail to meet health insurance requirements will not be permitted to register for classes. Lapses in coverage can and will result in suspension from Niagara University. For many students, this will result in the revocation of student visas and expulsion from Canada.

Please see the following link for more detailed information about the plan and costs. 

Niagara University in Ontario (International Students) - Morcare