Moving Beyond Crisis Together: Plan for Returning to Work after Covid-19 Niagara University and Vaughan Business Leaders Panel

  • Zoom

On April 30th, after seven weeks of ceasing most of Ontario’s non-essential operations, Premier Doug Ford urged businesses to begin their “return to normal” preparations following strict industry-specific guidelines. While each industry has a specific set of rules to follow, the need to continue to support working from home, and mandatory re-design of workplaces is a common concern for every business in Ontario.

Please join us at Niagara University for a virtual panel with the business leaders from Vaughan, Ontario to discuss the future of work, potential disruptions, and opportunities. Together with Dr. Galina Boiarintseva, panelists will speak on remote work support strategies, staggering employee return, travel restrictions, re-design of physical space, and social distancing in the office, to meet the requirements set out in the government’s “Framework for Reopening Ontario”.