Academic Success Centre


By the numbers: Last year, about 750 students visited our department about 7,750 times. About 55% of the visits were for peer tutoring, 12% were for accessibility services, and 2% were for meeting with staff. In addition, 4,205.5 hours of tutoring were provided by 63 NU student tutors; 1,379 exams were proctored in ASC for students with disabilities; 723 Writing Center consultations were provided; and students with disabilities requested 135 textbooks in an alternate format.

Professional and peer tutors are available through the Writing Center to assist students. Sessions last up to 30 minutes, and tutors are trained to help with any part of the writing process, from brainstorming, to outlining, to drafting, but they do not proofread papers!

Accessibility Services staff provides accommodations and support for students with documented disabilities who register with their office. The accommodations enable students to fully participate in programs and services available at NU and can include extended time on tests in a separate quiet location, note-taking support, interpreters, alternate formats of printed materials, housing accommodations, etc. 

Members of the ASC staff are trained to provide direct support to students participating in some of our outreach programs to help them manage their academic transition to college and/or to improve their academic performance, develop study skills/behaviors, and utilize a variety of university resources, as needed, to maximize their academic success.