Confidential vs Non-Confidential Resources

Confidential: refers to the ability of identified confidential resources to not report crimes and violations to law enforcement or college officials without permission, except for extreme circumstances, such as a health and/or safety emergency or child abuse.

Non-Confidential: refers to Niagara University offices and employees who cannot guarantee confidentiality but will maintain privacy to the greatest extent possible, and information disclosed will be related only as necessary to investigate and/or seek resolution and to notify the Title IX Coordinator or designee, who is responsible for tracking patterns and spotting systematic issues.

The following resources are available to students, staff, and faculty.

NU Non-Confidential Resources

  • Office for Equity & Inclusion
    O’Shea Hall, Room B27
    (716) 286-8314
  • Campus Safety
    Campus Safety Building
    (716) 286-8111
  • Residence Life Staff
    O’Shea Hall, First Floor
    (716) 286-8566
  • Student Affairs
    Gallagher Center, Lower Level
    (716) 286-8405
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs
    Gallagher Center, Lower Level
    (716) 286-8510
  • Campus Ministry
    Gallagher Center, Lower Level
    (716) 286-8409
  • Office for Accessibility Services
    Seton Hall, First Floor
    (716) 286-8514
  • Human Resources
  • Alumni Hall Annex
    (716) 286-8690
  • International Relations/Brennan Center
    DePaul Hall, Room 133
    (716) 286-8711
  • Niagara University Lay Teachers Association (NULTA)

NU Confidential Resources

  • Counseling Services
    Seton Hall, Lower Level
    (716) 286-8536
  • Medical Professionals in Health Services
    Butler Building
    (716) 286-8390