The Ontario Fire Code, Division B, Section 2.8 requires the establishment and implementation
of a Fire Safety Plan for every building containing a Group A & B occupancies. In addition to the
requirements within the Ontario Fire Code, the local fire department under the provisions of
the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 may require the owner to develop and implement
a Fire Safety Plan. In accordance with this requirement the NU Fire Safety Plan has been
developed for its Ontario site, located at 2904 Highway 7 West, Vaughan, L4K 0K4, classified as
a Group “A-2” occupancy – University (school). This commercial space has been constructed in
accordance with non-combustible requirements. The implementation of this Fire Safety Plan
will help to ensure effective utilization of life safety features to protect people from fire. This
official document will be kept readily available at all times for use by staff and fire officials in
the event of an emergency.

Niagara University in Ontario Fire Safety Plan